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Welcome new clients my name is Niheshia! I am a single mom of two, born and raised in Detroit Michigan but have now been an Atlanta resident for 15 years. The city girl with a country charm who has a firm belief in manifesting your greatness, and a desire to empower and motivate. A dedicated woman with a taste for road trips, dancing and all things artsy. I believe that hard work and focus, followed by action can bring any results that you desire. Once you put your action with positive intentions, the things you need come to you. That's where I come in.
Something somewhere got you to the point of reading this bio of mine and it was more than just my captivating smile *wink wink. I'm that person that would help you bridge the gap between your imagination and your reality. Between your wants and your haves. Between seeing where you came from but loving where you are. My biggest reward is your satisfaction. And satisfaction Guaranteed!

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